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The company's development is inseparable from science and technology, while technological innovation is also inseparable from talents. As a large listed company, Kang Xin New Materials Co., Ltd. has always advocated the concept of “select talents on virtues, and make best use of talents”. In the construction of talent strategy, Kangxin always adheres to the principle of human resources as the first resource of the enterprise, sticks to the people-oriented principle, and is committed to building a pragmatic, standardized, efficient and innovative team. In addition to recruiting talents across the country, we also select and cultivate practical high-level talents in the company by introduction, selection, internal training and many other ways, so that realizing the five steps of talent policy: introduce talents, utilize talents, cultivate talents, motivate talents and retain talents.
Career channel

The company adopts H - type career development path, which is divided into 5 posts categories. No matter among different post categories, or in the same post category, employees can choose either horizontal development, or longitudinal development. Meanwhile, job rotation and promotion are also accessible based on employees’ characteristics, career development plan, performance appraisal and the company’s needs.

Training system
Improve the training management system, provide tailored training courses according to employees’ requirements of different functional units, positions and career plans; Focus on the continuous improvement of staff comprehensive ability and quality
  • 1)、New staff Training:
    Kangxin has a systematic training system for each new employee. The orientation courses of this training integrate company culture, the core quality of our staffs, safety knowledge, etc. There is a training plan corresponding to each position, so that new employees can emerge quickly into the company environment and be competent for his position.
  • 2)、General Training:
    Each year, the company will organize large general trainings about office skills, attitude shaping, and professional quality improvement and so on, which has truly helped employees to improve their work efficiency and working attitude, and make them enjoy their work.
  • 3)、Professional Ability Training:
    Professional technical staffs have always been rare talents for the company. Thus, Kangxin focuses more on training and building the internal lecturer team. At the same time, it also expands the cooperation with external professional organizations, allowing its employees to line with the latest knowledge, to develop themselves more quickly and to improve the efficiency of the whole company.
  • 4)、Management Reserve Training:
    The company has set a clear career development channel for reserve talents and developed a corresponding training promotion plan based on their personal career plan, to systematically improve employees’ knowledge, skills and management techniques.
  • 5)、Leadership Training:
    Through leadership training, the company provides the opportunity for management staffs to make an in-depth analysis of themselves, to focus on improving their management skills and to optimize their leadership style, and thus achieving the good result of improving the overall management efficiency.
  • 6)、Education and Professional title Promotion:
    In order to help employees improve their academic and professional titles, the company has given corresponding policy awards and cooperated with colleges and universities to produce a large number of outstanding talents for the company.

No.1 Xinhe Industrial Park Road,Economic Development Zone,Hanchuan City,Hubei Province

+86-0712-8102878 / FAX 8102978