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Hubei Tianxin Timber Framed Building Manufacturing Co. , Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as Tianxin Wood Structure) is a joint-stock enterprise established by Kangxin New Materials Co., Ltd. (stock code: 600076) and other shareholders. Relying on Kangxin’s solid strength, Tianxin Wood Structure aims to be an integrated manufacturing enterprise to create a whole industry chain of wooden structure green building. Established in October 2016, the company, with registered capital of 100 million yuan, currently owns an industrial park of 300 mu (≈20 hectares) and a standard plant of 50,000 square meters in Hanchuan Economic Development Zone. Meanwhile, combined with the domestic advanced production line of glued beam pillars, it merged German company’s advanced components processing center and its automation production line of wood structure floor and wallboard, laying a solid foundation for the company’s rapid access to the top class of wooden structure enterprises in China. In the next 3-5 years, Tianxin Wood Structure will make a clear development strategy based on extensive market research and give full play of its strengths to promote the development of new engineering wood products, demonstration of modern COSB structural system, production of energy-saving wooden wall, design and manufacturing of high assembly rate wood structure building, as well as production and services of wood structure components and accessories.

Wooden Public Stadium
Overview:Using glued laminated wood as a component can make the building to form free size space inside while meeting the functional requirements at the same time, which means it is more suitable for public building requiring large space.
Features:The shape and size of heavy wood structure, the color and texture of laminated wood, with the aesthetic shape of wood components and the sense of order between them all together create a unique art effect of space.
Villa Dwellings
Overview:villas are garden houses built in suburbs or scenic areas for resting or residential made out of spare rooms and operated as family sideline business. Combined with the local humanities, natural landscape, ecological and environmental resources, along with agriculture, forestry, fishery and animal husbandry activities, villas provide visitors with enjoyment of rural living.
Features:With standard wood, wood villas has a more flexible layout, which means the designer can build personalized villas of different styles according to the requirements of the household and the family members. The use rate can reach up to 85%-90%, so that achieving a perfect combination of the villa’s integrity and its practical effect.
Eco Resort
Overview:With the rapid development of China's economy, people's living standards have been greatly improved. people are no longer just satisfied with the material enjoyment, but more eager to meet the spiritual pursuit. Today, tourism has become an indispensable part of people's daily lives. More and more people choose to travel to relax, ease their life and work pressure. With more and more people choosing to go out for vacation, the construction of ecological resort has become the main trend of China's current tourism development.
Features:Wood structure makes a perfect combination of environment and the architecture, realizing the ancient Chinese concept of “Unity of Heaven and Man”, so that the building felt close to nature and away from the coldness and sense of constrain caused by the traditional reinforced concrete buildings. Therefore, wooden structure is the first choice for eco-resort architecture.

No.1 Xinhe Industrial Park Road,Economic Development Zone,Hanchuan City,Hubei Province

+86-0712-8102878 / FAX 8102978