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R & D of container flooring base material-COSB

  R & D of container flooring base material-COSBBased on the company’s industry advantage and the rich forest resources of Hubei province, our R & D team, following the principles of “Make the best use of things” and “Innovation”, has developed the container flooring base material (Container Oriented Structural Board, COSB for short). Equipped with the 4.0 Industry conceptual processing facilities and optimized production technology, we developed this new kind of board-COSB, which is made out of fast-growing high yield forest woods like fast-growing poplar, pinus massoniana, etc. and some other logging residue, processing residue, thinning wood, etc. Instead of the traditional natural hardwood forest woods, the COSB products can not only be used in container floor production, but also widely used in wooden structures.                   

     This program utilized forest resources scientifically, filled in the gaps of using low-quality woods of fast growing plantation to produce container flooring base material, improved the comprehensive utilization ratio of fast-growing woods, widen the material selection options for container flooring raw material and also solved the supply issues of raw materials. Moreover, it effectively decreased the dependence of China’s container floor industry on imported tropical hardwood species from other countries, satisfied the high demands of market for physicochemical properties of container floor, and led the transformation and upgrading of forestry board industry.  

  From 2012, our company started to cooperate with German Dieffenbacher Company to jointly develop the IMS of Container Oriented Structural Board (COSB). Through four years’ cooperative R&D, assembly and one year’s trial operation, the world’s only production line of COSB was formally put into production in Hanchuan Kangxin Industrial Park on December 8, 2015, with its independent intelligent property right going to Kangxin New Materials. Since then, China’s container floor production has spanned from the traditional 1.0 Industry generation to 4.0 Industry generation, leading the industry into a new period of innovative development and industrial upgrading. The annual output of this production line can reach up to 275,000 cubic meters, thus realizing automatic, informationized, digital and flexible production, as well as the accurate control, real-time feedback and adjustment of the production process. The successful development of this production line has solved the four problems that long time puzzled container flooring industry: low automation in the production process, high labor intensity, poor operation environment and low efficiency of multi-layer single board structural production mode. 

COSB high strength oriented structural board production line Four Major Innovations
  • woodland

  • Wood

  • Loading

  • Roller Peeling

  • flaking machine

  • Drying

  • Screening

  • Glue Mixing

  • mat formation

  • On-line Testing

  • Steam System

  • Continuous Hot Pressing

  • Post Processing Line

  • After treatment line-2

  • After treatment line-3

  • Centralized control center-1

  • Centralized control center-2

  • Thermal center

  • product

Four major innovations:

use renewable shoddy and little fuelwoods like Italian poplar and bamboo wood to completely replace natural hardwoods

adopt the one-step molding production mode of long cutting flaking assembly line to replace the traditional multi-layer laminated production mode of rotary cutting single board

use EP Siyuan resin adhesive instead of the traditional phenolic resin adhesive

realize automatic, informationized, digital and flexible production, successfully completing the transformation from the traditional 1.0 Industry generation to 4.0 Industry generation

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